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Stras'Diplomacy is the diplomacy student organization of Sciences Po Strasbourg. Since 2010, Stras'Diplomacy has been initiating Sciences Po Strasbourg students to the tools of diplomacy, promoting debate, multilateralism and public speaking. Every week, the association organizes training sessions to prepare its members to participate in MUNs (Model United Nations) abroad and in France. These are simulations of debates in the highest UN committees, bringing together students from all over the world in the most prestigious universities (Harvard, King's College). Stras'Diplomacy provides quality training by familiarizing students with the UN rules of procedure, teamwork and introducing them to contemporary issues.  By bringing together international students, the association works to create a transnational network of enthusiasts and to build a connected international society.

Every year, Stras'Diplomacy organizes its own simulations: its own MUN, with the "StrasbourgMUN", and a simulation of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, with the support of the institution. In addition, we organize, in partnership with the Programme d'études intégrées (Pei), the MUN Lycéen, which allows us to democratize MUNs among high school students.

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